Issue #79 resolved
Max Katzmann
created an issue

When entering author information like website or e-mail address, which should be linked to the author name in the publication entry, the links are not created.

The feature was tested with Firefox 59.0.2 (64-Bit) and Safari 11.1. Both yield the same result: neither is the author name clickable, nor is there an additional button "[author]" that shows the desired website or email address.

Using Safari, I was able to obtain the error message which can be seen in the attached screenshot. This error seems to occur before the author information is validated.

If the "https://" is removed from the author information, the author information is validated, but since "https://" is missing, the link is recognized as invalid, with the same result: there are no author links on the website.

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  1. Kevin Choong

    Resolved in the upcoming version. It is now required to always have the protocol for author urls. As for the [author]-Button below the publications, it was only possible to either show this button or have the links in the URL. Option to show both has been added in b83fb3e.

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