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Issue #1091 resolved
Robert Jäschke created an issue

The current group model in BibSonomy is flat, i.e., a group can't be a "member" of another group. We need a hierarchical model for reporting, etc.


  • Each group in BibSonomy is represented by a user - we could model the hierarchy by allowing such users to be members of groups.
  • To get efficient queries for the /group/*-Pages we very probably need more redundancy in the database.

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  1. Stephan Doerfel

    The idea came from PUMA and its publication reporting function. It would be nice to show all publications (or the aggregated PUMA reporting view) for * individuals (e.g. Thomas Niebler) * science groups (e.g. DMIR) * departments (e.g. Informatik der Uni Würzburg) * the university (e.g. Uni Würzburg). Now if Thomas was a member of DMIR, DMIR a subgroup of Informatik der Uni Würzburg and the latter a subgroup of Uni Würzburg, we could produce such views without requiering Thomas to be a member of every group.

    We should discuss whether or not to implement this in our next BibSonomy meeting.

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