The edit publication dialog is broken.

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Issue #11 resolved
Sebastian Böttger created an issue

The editPublication dialog is broken. Instead of "edit publication", the headline shows "diff publication", which is intended for the diff representation of publication history. Beyond, all input fields are missing. There is no way to add new publications. Please fix this error.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    This code

    <!-- /diffPublication =  editPublication?intraHashToUpdate=INTRAHASH&compareVersion=X-->
    <entry key="/editPublication">

    from bibsonomy2-servlet-actions.xml cause the issue. Rename to

    <entry key="/diffPublication">

    is a temporay fix. Could not commit now after migration.

  2. Robert Jäschke

    A quick note: the new issue tracker here at Bitbucket has excellent support for highlighting source code. Please use this opportunity!

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