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Reported by sven: No mail will be send if a user has been added to a group.

A group administrator can add many users as member to a group without a user is notified about this. With that it is possible that every member in a group can see all private publication copies of all members of all public publication references.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Commented by dbe: Hi Sven,

    we are aware of this "feature" - that's the reason why we currently do not allow everyone to be a group admin, because being group admin is quite a position within BibSonomy which requires a certain amount of trust (mainly because of the private documents feature).

    The best solution would probably be to require a kind of confirmation from the user which is being added - but we'll have to see when we have the resources to implement that.

  2. Thomas Niebler

    No, but that's not the point here, as I see it, since we talk about a user being added, not requesting to join.

  3. Daniel Zoller
    • changed status to open

    please check if the user gets an email when

    1. an admin accepts a group join request
    2. the user is invited by a group admin
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