Lucene index update broken for goldstandard posts?

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Issue #1406 invalid
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Reported by folke: The index update process for the goldstandard index seems to be broken. The problem is that the content id of a post is changed when a post is updated and thus the corresponding old post is not deleted when the index manager deletes the content based on the ids of all new posts.

This caused the testUpdate() test to fail in the LuceneGoldstandardPublicationManagerTest in the release workspace.

Strangely enough: It seems to work everywhere else....

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  1. Daniel Zoller

    the index manager retrieves all content ids from the log table and adds also the content ids of all new posts (to get no duplicates; query time offset). Nevertheless i found another bug :)

    Could you please enable the log (ERROR) and run the test again. Maybe the index can't delete the document of the old post (LuceneResourceIndex line 392).

    i have a déjà vu that we talked about a failing lucene test in the release workspace a long time ago?!

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