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We use bibsonomy and its typo3 plugin to auto-generate the publication lists on our institute webpage for the whole institute (www.itv.rwth-aachen.de/forschung/publikationen/) and for each of our researchers. With the fulltext-search the researchers publication lists are generated from the institutes bibsonomy-user database (we decided for a single bibsonomy user for the whole institute because they are managed by a single person for all).

For these researcher publication lists the fulltext-search is missing an OR operation like: search=Goebbert|Gobbert|Göbbert

best regards, Jens Henrik Göbbert

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Hello Robert,

    I sorry for the late answer. Yes, I tried "OR", too. But this does not work either. Bibsonomy then searches for the whole string "Göbbert OR Goebbert OR Gobbert" and finds no results.

    This is the command: http://www.bibsonomy.org/api/posts?user=itv&format=json&resourcetype=bibtex&start=0&end=9999&search="Goebbert OR Gobbert OR Göbbert"

    Currently I am using "G*bbert" as a work-around.

  2. Robert Jäschke

    First: sorry, I oversaw that you are using the REST API of BibSonomy. I checked only on the web interface, where "OR" works. It's strange, though, that it does not work for the REST-API. I hope this is easy to fix.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    I believe the behavior is just fine: A quoted search string is commly interpreted as searching for the raw string. On the other, it might be unconvient to someone used to the param="value" syntax of xml etc.

    So, is it solved?

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