Configure database connections via properties file

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Issue #1658 resolved
Daniel Zoller created an issue

Currently all database connections are configured using JNDI; to unify the configuration the configuration should be moved to properties files too.

please take care of the following things:

  • the old servlets are currently using the jndi datasources
  • some views!! are currently using the jndi datasources

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  1. Daniel Zoller reporter

    pages which are currently using the data sources directly are:

    • admin_spammertags.jsp
    • admin_tag_suggest.jsp (aren't these two site obsolete? We aren't using spammer_tags any more!)
    • admin_suggest.jsp
    • and the events sites for hypertext 2008/09, ...
  2. Daniel Zoller reporter

    please have a look at the admin-statistics branch. I have started to migrate the statistic queries.

  3. Thomas Niebler

    @clemensbaier Please have a look at that. I need that finished until the end of next week. What is the current status, anyway?

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