Tags des kopierten Eintrags kaputt nach Titel-Autovervollständigung bei manueller Post-Eingabe

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Issue #1683 resolved
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Reported by sven: Beispiel: http://www.bibsonomy.org/postPublication

Eingabe von "Pet" in das Feld Titel. Aus den Vorschlägen einen beliebigen Eintrag mit mehr als einem Tag auswählen. Zum Beispiel: "PetroGrapher: uma Aplicação de Banco de Dados Inteligente para a Descrição Petrográfica e Interpretação Petrogenética de Rochas-Reservatório de Petróleo"

Bei "Tags des kopierten Eintrags" steht dann das folgende Tag "knowledge,geology,engineering". Es ist nur ein Tag. Statt Komma sollten Leerzeichen die Tags trennen und es sollten dann auch mehrere Links sein.

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  1. Viktor Hemsen

    I'm having trouble setting up the SuggestionService for my local system at the moment. I followed the setup as described in the readme but the suggesion-field won't show up. On Biblicious it isn't working either after the database re-setup - Stephan and I had run the batch script to create the *_title.txt-files. Any thoughts what we may have missed?

    It seems the tag-list value (which is seperated by comma) is beeing redirected as it is - you can see it in the URL "...copytag=xxx,xxx,xxx" If you got to the publication and click "copy the publication to your repository" it works well.

  2. Daniel Zoller

    This feature does not use the suggestion service, it uses the lucene index by doing a wildcard search in the publication titles. Works for me on biblicious now.

  3. Daniel Zoller

    The fix splits tags by ",". What about tags that contain ","? The javascript that implements the autosuggest is passing the copy tags to the edit view in a wrong way. Please fix the javascript not the binding!

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