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Issue #17 resolved
Sebastian Böttger created an issue

The Gravatar feature is great! But there is a small confusion. It does not makes sense that the user has to use the upload button for confirmation. I think you should add a separate button for the new Gravatar profile image selection. Alternatively you can use a new "sub"-fieldset for Gravatar id or you rename the button to "confirm". It should be clear that the user either can choose a gravatar or can upload an own image. Merci :)

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Hey Sebastian, biblicious' picture / Gravatar form is no longer current. Both profile and picture formulars were joined and the user now has to choose between Gravatar and his/her locally upladed picture file.

    Since the explicit Gravatar id field was denied by Robert, user's email address is used to identify him/her against Gravatar.

    The total form is submitted by the familiar "save changes" button in any case, whether Gravatar is applied or a new picture file shall be uploaded or not. Furthermore, one may implement a Javascript to hide/show the "choose picture file" field depending on user's decision.

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