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Robert Jäschke created an issue

There is a new option for discussions which allows users to easily add references. Unfortunately, it does not really work:

  1. in Firefox 3.5.16 nothing happens when I click on addReference
  2. in an up-to-date Firefox it worked once for me and after that it did not find any articles any more.
  3. when a reference is found and I select it, it should be added to the text and not the link inserted into the small search box.
  4. If nothing is found, there should be a message for the user in the jQuery-Autocomplete-Dropdown.

Furthermore, the functionality must be better placed and layouted:

  1. the link is hard to find
  2. the input box is too small and is put over another functionality - this is not nice

Certainly, other things must be improved, but that's it for now.

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  1. Thomas Niebler

    1) ignored 2) seems to be fixed 3) still there (needs to be pasted into the rating text field) 4) still there (no error message)

    functionality: 1) can be found quite well. 2) still there

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