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Issue #1896 resolved
Robert Jäschke created an issue

Please check, why trackbacks for posted arXiv articles don't appear on

1) Understand the trackback mechanism in BibSonomy that is described here:

2) Take the Java classes that implement the Trackback autodiscovery in BibSonomy and write JUnit test case that tests if the trackback URL can be discovered in an article from arXiv, etc.

3) If the test fails, find out why autodiscovery does not work and talk to Robert

(4) Fix the autodiscovery)

5) Check, if there are other reasons why it fails, discuss with Robert, fix.

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  1. Viktor Hemsen

    (1) TrackbackClient: The contentType of the trackback response wasn't checking for 'text/xml' - fixed. (2) Check if works after a new release.

  2. Robert Jäschke reporter

    After today's release I tested Trackback for arXiv again and could not get a result on their page. Maybe I have to wait longer ... I don't know. I also tried other services (they are all bookmarked here: but for none of them Pingback or Trackback worked.

    Could you please test our code against these pages?

    If it works, we need a method to find out, what's going on. Does the service do some meaningful logging we can enable?

    Another wish would be to have an admin page to inspect the Pingback/Trackback queue and see which and how many requests have been sent. This shouldn't be too difficult and would be a nice side-project.

  3. Viktor Hemsen

    latest state 19/02/2014

    • arXiv admin reply " Dear Viktor Hemsen, The trackbacks are formatted properly, but they appear to contain no valid content other than the arXiv metadata, thus they were not blanket approved. If there were more content they may be appropriate, but a trackback for every arXiv submission that duplicates our own content isn't appropriate. "

    • Robert suggested to reorganize the TrackBack mechanism. Send a X-Back when a Community-Post/Discussion-Entry has been made for example. I think it's only relevant for arXiv when there is a discussion/feedback about that article. So only send a TrackBack when the post has a Discussion-Entry.

    • further discussions/plan necessary

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