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Issue #19 resolved
Robert Jäschke created an issue

From a usability point of view the form to upload avatar pictures needs some improvement:

  1. When I select the option "external", the upload dialog and the delete checkbox should disapear - they don't apply for that source.
  2. I can both delete a picture and upload a new one - it is not clear, how the both actions are combined.

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  1. Robert Jäschke reporter

    Three more suggestions:

    1. I am in favor of radio buttons instead of a dropdown list because they show the user immediately all available options. Furthermore, for only two options a dropdown list seems a bit oversized.
    2. The help text for the "external" option should mention Gravatar and somehow explain that the hashed email address of the user is send to Gravatar such that the service then knows the user is using BibSonomy.
    3. A link to Gravatar should be included that allows the user to change the picture. This should not be put into the help text (otherwise clicking is difficult ;-) but next to the radio button.
  2. Thomas Niebler
    1. That's right. cut is working on that
    2. Our proposed solution would be that the upload dialog would be faded to grey if the checkbox for deleting the current picture is selected and vice versa. Also, the text will be a little more bit clear about what actually happens there.
    3. Concerning your suggestion about radio buttons vs dropdowns: the gender selection behaves in the exact same way cut proposed.
    4. cut is working on that.
    5. Yeah. wip.
  3. Former user Account Deleted
    1. done;

    2. implemented as Thomas proposed;

    3. as Thomas stated, I wouldn't mix up both Radio buttons and Dropdown. Since the latter are used for gender and profile viewability, I would prefer them. Furthermore, if a further external picture service will have been added one can easily extend the dropdown menu. I will describe both options and their effects in the help text more detailed.

    4. will be done within the previous change.

    5. done; the link appears only, if 'external source' is selected, too.

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    A note on Gravatar knows the user using Bibsonomy:

    Bibsonomy does not send any data oder information to Gravatar. Bibsonomy does hash the user's email, but the link resulted is applied by the user's browser itself to request a picture only; as far as I know, a browser usually does not send any infos about the enclosing website thereby.

  5. Former user Account Deleted

    okay, I must correct myself. The enclosing website, Bibsonomy, is part of the HTTP Request header.

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