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Issue #1966 on hold
Stephan Doerfel created an issue

Currently the two batch-edit-post operations "normalize BibTeX key" and "update privacy" are implemented as regular post updates (i.e. the post is deleted and then freshly created in the updated version). Conversely the operation update Tags is updated in a more simple fashion. Please adapt the former two operations to a similar behavior - i.e. with more efficient database updates. For that purpose add further options to the enum PostUpdateOperation and implement the cases in updatePost accordingly.

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  1. Nasim Nabavi

    Dear Stephan,

    I have finished my task. I have commited the new files to my branch. Is it possible to tell Jenkins to check my code? (I don't know what does it really check, but it had previously checked my branch and said it is unstable). I will be at KDE tomorrow from 10:30. I can present the code whenever you have time.

    Bests, Nasim

  2. Stephan Doerfel reporter

    Hi Nasim,

    Jenkins automatically checks the code. I.e. every hour Jenkins checks if something new has been committed and if so, it builds the full project and executes all tests. I just checked and the last build of Jenkins (yesterday 17:36:02) was successful. I am not at the office today but I will have a look at your results and get back to you with feedback.

    Best Stephan

  3. Stephan Doerfel reporter

    The efficient batch update has troubles with our logging table. Currently, the update of either bibtexkey or privacy does not modify the content id. Thus when the post is written to the log table, it can happen that the same content_id is inserted twice. However the content_id is the primary key of the log_bibtex table and thus unique. Possible Options

    A) we do not log the updates

    B) we drop the primary key and add appropriate indexes instead

    C) we modify the content_id in the updates as well

    D) we stick with regular post updates.

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