MouseOver Popup broken for Document Previews

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Issue #2175 resolved
Thomas Niebler created an issue

When hovering over a publication with an uploaded (and visible) document attached, a preview is popping up. Unfortunately, this popup appears in the bottom left corner of the page (even below the footer). This appears on several pages with a preview. This issue didn't occur with the old layout.

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  1. Sebastian Böttger

    The thumbnail is large enough, so I think a mouse-over hover is not necessary. Also we have wanted to embed pdf.js for quick preview of the PDF within BibSonomy. In principle it works already. Unfortunately there are some problems with the 'yuicompressor-maven-plugin', it rejects the pdf.js library. So we have to find a solution to enable pdf.js or to avoid Maven.

  2. Robert Jäschke

    Avoiding Maven is not an option. I guess it should be possible to exclude this file from the plugins task.

    I still think that the preview is good and important and that we should add it again.

  3. Daniel Zoller

    added button instead of hover action.

    Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 22.03.58.png

    Should we also add a button to each entry of a publication list?

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