Lucene index with 0 posts incorrect

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Issue #2210 wontfix
Stephan Doerfel created an issue

Lucene index is show to be incorrect (and with a weird date) when an index is tried to be created with 0 posts (e.g. when a system has no goldstandard posts).

Extract from ks-dev: Path: "/home/puma/pumadata/lucene/lucene_GoldStandardPublication-0" "/home/puma/pumadata/lucene/lucene_GoldStandardPublication-1" correct? No No containing docs 0
deleted docs 0
newest date 292278994/08/17 08:12:55
last modified date 2014/10/09 19:29:57 current version 1412875797579
isCurrent true

Comments (3)

  1. Daniel Zoller

    Currently the Index#isCorrect functions return false if the number of posts is equal to 0 before it queries the database with an evil count. I think we should keep it because the count query is executed on the main database.

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