Allow admins to add users to groups

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Issue #2223 wontfix
Sebastian Böttger created an issue

Admins should get the possibility to add members to groups on admin group page.

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  1. Sebastian Böttger reporter

    System admins. I've tried to add me to group KDE, but there is no possibility to do this, right?

  2. Daniel Zoller

    What is the use case for this feature in a normal situation? I think that you only wanted to add you to the group for developing and testing propose.

  3. Sebastian Böttger reporter

    I want to be a member of the KDE group in BibSonomy, and @jeillig, too. I sent a lot of requests, but without any answer. I think the easiest way is to add me by myself to this group.

  4. Daniel Zoller

    OK that's annoying but not critical, there are other ways to get you in this group. I have sent some workarounds to Jens per IM.

  5. Thomas Niebler

    Is this still critical? I guess this is more kind of a fundamental decision (how much should admins be able to do with other users?) instead of a proper feature.

  6. Thomas Niebler

    As @nosebrain already mentioned, it is possible for admins to add users to a group by accessing the database manually. A function like this should probably not exist in userspace.

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