Rating Logic broken for adding discussion entries (reviews or comments)

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Issue #2289 resolved
Stephan Doerfel created an issue


  • The logic of reviews and comments is broken. Currently any review without rating will lead to a rating with 0 stars. In the old system this was solved through two buttons (create review and create comment) ** Solution: add a checkbox (assign rating)
  • After one has created a review, the form still offers the rating, but it is inactive and has two large brackets next to it ()
  • The average user rating is a question mark.

Wording and Layout

  • the words comment and review are no longer used correctly. The section is called comments (must be discussion).
  • The rating is not for a post but for the posts resources (bookmark, publication depending on the resource type).
  • The anonymous setting is part of the visibility setting (looks like the fourth radio button) - but is actually independent from visibitliy of the discussion item.
  • Whitespace is missing between a discussion-items date and the note (for private)
  • The whole thing does not look much like one review-form with some additional options. the most relevant thing should be the review-textbox.

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