Confusing feedback and developer resources structure

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Issue #2308 closed
Martin Becker created an issue
  • goes to a strange page which has no reference to Bitbucket at all

  • the developer "Overview" in the BibSonomy footer goes to where there is another developer "Overview" which finally goes to the wiki; this is confusing!

  • add issue tracker directly to the BibSonomy footer (make feedback as easy as possible)

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  1. Robert Jäschke

    Thanks for the feedback!

    • We will discuss, what content to put onto
    • The path to the development pages seems to be a bit unfortunate, I agree, but in principle this is the way we want to guide people. Maybe we have to rename some links.
    • The issue tracker is linked at "Contact & Privacy"
  2. Martin Becker reporter

    Thanks for the quick answer. The last of your bullet point counts as not intuitive as well, right? I don't think I would expect the issue tracker to be there.

  3. Robert Jäschke

    Where would you expect it? I think this nicely fits under "Contact" since it actualy is some kind of contact.

  4. Martin Becker reporter

    Oh, I should have checked the page. I thought you need to click on "Contact & Privacy". Instead it is listed under "Contact & Privacy". Never mind.

    I would maybe call it "Report issue". Which implies that you can report issues there.

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