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Community posts are currently indexed in a Lucene index which is separate from regular posts. This has the negative effect, that community posts are not found by the regular search options. In order to allow retrieval of community and regular posts in one step, both should be put together in one index. That means there shall be one index for bookmark posts (both community and regular) and one index for publication posts (again, both community and non-community). The Lucene-document structure needs to be able to indicate whether the document represents a community post or a regular post. Upon retrieval, the classes for post resources are to be instantiated in accordance to this indicator.

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  1. Robert Jäschke

    Isn't this possible in Lucene with merging indexes (in ElasticSearch this is called an "alias")? This would be a very elegant way in my opinion.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Thanks, Robert, merging the indices appears to be a good and quick solution. However, in our class LuceneResourceIndex, we use SearcherManager to retrieve the objects for searching, I am not sure how to add Indices to this. Indices are usually added to IndexReader or IndexWriter. It might be ok to change the initialisation to let SearcherManager receive an IndexWriter and whether that is safe. Rene, when you are done with the other task, can you check, what is the intended way to do this?

  3. Former user Account Deleted
    • removed responsible

    There is only one shared goldstandard index for bookmarks and publications. Goldstandard and regular indices therefore do not share a common structure and handling. The respective classes are designed for a single.resource type. To avoid further complexity, we should probably better consider building one single index.

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