Menu not working on mobile layout

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Issue #2362 resolved
Daniel Zoller created an issue

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  1. Daniel Zoller reporter

    The main problem is that the menu items should not be visible at all (see

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    this took me some time to figure out:

    Bootstrap docs say that "If you'd like it to default open, add the additional class in."

    The class in is left out by default in bstags/navi/menu.tagx -- as it should be


    however, the class gets into the element by default anyways:


    I suspect this piece of code in custom.js toggls every .collapse by default.


    If I add the class in to the div in navi.tagx it works but I think this is not how it should be done as all elements which should be collapsed by default need the in class now. this is contrary to the bootsrap docs.

    Where is the


    needed anyways? (the "add in class"-hack is in the feature branch already if urgent)

    how do we go about this?

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