[groups] "create group" view in admin interface unnecessary?

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Issue #2422 resolved
Thomas Niebler created an issue

Since every user can now request groups, the "create group" view in the admin interface might be unnecessary, since admins only need to accept or decline group creation requests now.


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  1. Stephan Doerfel

    I vote to remove it. There might be use-cases for this but they are rare and easy to work around, simply by regularly creating a new group and inviting the user we want to be the admin.

  2. Daniel Zoller

    maybe we should merge it into the group request controller and add a input field for system admins to provide a group administrator user

  3. Mario Holtmüller

    When you open the /grouprequest page as admin, you can see a new field with autocomplete functionality to specify the group admin. After creating the group it is activated automatically and a mail is sent to the new administrator.

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