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Issue #2436 resolved
Stephan Doerfel created an issue

Scraper Test data was modified such that the new data is less helpful, although it seems that the scraper should be able to retrieve the correct content:

  1. (authors are gone)
  2. (url incomplete)
  3. (doi is now a URL, url is gone)
  4. (author is gone)

  5. (bibtex-key is now "nokey" (a string rendered by the scraper)) (author is gone:RSOCScraperUnitURLTest1.bib and SpringerLinkScraperUnitURLTest9.bib )

  6. (author is gone: WorldCat)

Many of these issues are related to content retrieved from worldcat. However, we checked several of the instances in in all cases, the authors were present and properly exported.

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  1. Mohammed Abed

    number 2 is already solved and i contact with the website degruyter to solve the problem internally

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