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Clicking on "add thesis" above one of the two lists inside the tabs on the person page opens a modal window with a "new thesis" button. This "new thesis" button should go to the postPublication page, let the user enter a new publication post, assign the publication to the person with the respective role and redirect back to the person page. For the first tab on the person-page this role is the author-role.

For the author-role: After the regular creation of a new publication post, the author of the posted publication (NOT the user who created the post) should be linked in the database to be the person shown on the page where the 'new thesis' button has been clicked (methods are available in the logic-interface). This identity relationship should be done automatically for an author name that is sufficiently similar to one of the names of the person-entity. "Sufficiently similar" could be when an author has a non non-empty lastname which is a substring of one of the person-entity's names or the other way round).

For the second tab on the person-page: The role is one of the supervisor roles and should be selectable via a new radiobox input area on the postpublication page which is only shown when a user visits the postpublication page via the 'new thesis' button on the person page.

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