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Issue #2467 resolved
Martin Becker created an issue


When I do related work I open lots of tags with publications which I then add one by one to BibSonomy. It would be great if the browser-plugin supported bulk posting all open tabs.

Best, Martin

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  1. Robert Jäschke

    Steps to implement:

    1. Create a tab on /postPublication for posting a single URL (This can be handled already by our existing Java code.)
    2. Implement code in the appropriate Edit*PostController to scrape several URLs from a list and parse their BibTeX (the scraping errors shall be handled via the controller's error handling).
    3. Remove the tab from Step 1 and extend the snippet tab to also support posting of URLs (build a simple heuristic to identify lists of URls - one URL per line - and parse the URLs into a list)
    4. Extend the Firefox add-on to support posting of several Tab-URLs to the tab created in Step 3.

    This is a good Probeaufgabe, since each step builds upon another and it involves both JSP and Java Controller programming.

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