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Issue #2486 resolved
Daniel Zoller created an issue

Users that are marked as spammers can't be member of groups.

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  1. Stephan Doerfel

    1) We should also hide group join requests from spammers. 2) What should we do, when a group wants to add a spammer? Currently we log Errors (UpdateGroupController.workOn CASE ADD_MEMBER a) This is not an error of the system b) This could be valuable information for us: Is the group a spam-group? Is the user a non-spammer?

  2. Thomas Niebler

    We should also think about the possibility, that users can be added to groups and are marked as spammers after that. I propose to remove them from all groups (or at least give them an additional, unprivileged role like they can see all public resources, no private resources or documents, but are still listed as members or something?)

    Ad 2) We should at least log somewhere that the admin tried to add a spammer and have that listed on the group admin page, for example, so we can sort out either the spammed user (wrongly marked) or spam the admin (and remove the group)

  3. Mario Holtmüller

    Added some parts of this ticket:

    • Spammers can't see the "join group" link on the <all groups> page
    • Spammers can't see the "join group" link on the group's detail page
    • Spammers can't see the "join group" link on the group's detail page in the old layout
    • Added a GroupUpdateOperation (ADD_INVITED_SPAMMER) and a message to the info log when a user invites a spammer into a group

    For the last point, do we want the spammer to receive the invite message?

    According to the post of Thomas. Adding a new Role to the groups might be a bigger rework of the group. Should this be done?

    The other solution mentioned is to delete users that are being marked as spammers from all groups. This might be done by adjusting the flagSpammer functionionality. In case a user is going to be flagged as spammer we can delete him from all groups. Or if the rework should be done give him a new group role.

  4. Thomas Niebler

    For ease of implementation, I would prefer that users are excluded from groups when they are marked as spammers.

    An invited spammer should not receive an invitation message.

  5. Mario Holtmüller

    An invited spammer should not receive an invitation message.

    Just to be right here. I removed the email notification of the spammer. Internally the invite will be in the database. As well as this, the spammed user will never see it, because he cannot see the page where the invite is listed. When the user is unflaged and not a spammer any more he can then see the group invite and join the group. Is this ok?

  6. Thomas Niebler

    OK, again for ease of implementation: A spammer should never receive any invitation, be it a mail or an actual notice in the system. The best way would be that we report it that someone tried to invite a spammer, but that's it.

  7. Mario Holtmüller

    This is still done. The only question left open is, if the invitation can be left in the system, which means when a user is unflaged as spammer (possible?) then his invite is present and can be seen on the settings page.

    Everything else should be done as intended.

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