Implement logging the change history of person entities

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Issue #2496 resolved
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The person-entities branch introduces the new database tables person, person_name, and pub_person. For these the database tables log_person, log_person_name, and log_pub_person have already been created to capture the change history of the tables. Whenever an entry is updated or deleted, the previous entry from the non-log table is to be copied to the log version of the respective table. Log_ and non-log tables share an almost equal structure equal structure. However, the log_person relation has no post_ctr field (as it is not modified by a specific user) and contains an additional deleted field. When a user deletes the person entity, two tuples are added to the log table. First, the deleted tuple is moved, second, the same entry is added to the log_person table (not the person table) with the log_ attributes updated to the deleting user and deleted set to 1. Frontend features are not needed at the moment, but it is importatnt to remember all versions of persons, names and publication-person as well as the names of the users who created (or deleted) the version.

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