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Issue #2512 open
Andreas Hotho created an issue

We need to improve the visibility in Google. Ideas:

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  1. Robert Jäschke


    1. create a nicer generic "no pdf available" picture and include it every time
    2. think about how to get PDFs without getting in trouble with the publisher/library
    3. implement something nice
  2. Daniel Zoller

    The title is now part of the community page URL of a publication:


    old /bibtex/INTERHASH urls get a 301 to the new URL

  3. Robert Jäschke

    I think this would have been the perfect time to replace /bibtex/ by /publication (or /pub) since it better represents what is there.

  4. Andreas Hotho reporter

    In priciple I'm fine with that but we need to figure out, how many links using /bibtex/. We have to make sure, that this links will work as well after the exchange. This is easy for links requested by a browser as the browser follows a redirect but it is more complicated if a plugin requests such a link and does not follow the redirect. I have no good solution for that.

  5. Robert Jäschke

    Yes, I agree. We could even use just "/p/" (or reserve that for a coming URL shortener .... anyone? ;-)

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