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Issue #2549 open
Martin Becker created an issue

I find it pretty useless to start at the main BibSonomy page when being logged in. The optimal solution would be to be able to define a custom starting page (for example pre-setting some tags). Otherwise just redirect to my personal page. This saves one annoying click (or two if you don't know that you can click on your username).

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  1. Martin Becker reporter

    Mh, I'm thinking about user experience here. It just does not make sense to show the initial page to logged in users.

  2. Robert Jäschke

    Well, it's not so clear, I think. We have discussed this before for several times. Without implementing a new user page, having the home page as start page for logged in users is the simplest way to ensure that users get exposed to the posts of other users (at least a bit). Otherwise, the social aspect of BibSonomy can easily get lost. I know that this is not a strong argument, but there are easy solutions (see above) for users to avoid the start page.

    In my opinion, having a more dynamic and user-adapted start page would be the best solution, but it's a question of resources.

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