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Issue #2600 on hold
Andreas Hotho created an issue


change the layout to make it AMP compatible:

which is supported by google:

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  1. Andreas Hotho reporter

    We can put a copy on our server as well. I guess there is no need to reference to server outside our system. Please test it with a simple static example.

  2. Daniel Zoller


    Contain a <script async src=""></script> tag as the second child of their <head> tag (this includes and loads the AMP JS library).

    According to replacing the url of the script results in an invalid amp document:

    The tag 'script' is disallowed except in specific forms.
    The mandatory tag 'amphtml engine v0.js script' is missing or incorrect.
  3. Daniel Zoller
    • changed status to wontfix
    • edited description

    Currently, we do not add support for amp to the project.

    The current version requires to link to an external Javascript file (= privacy issues).

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