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Issue #2624 open
Daniel Zoller created an issue

On editPublication add a nice GUI to add misc fields

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  1. Robert Jäschke

    The method should be robust in the sense that it does not break any misc data entered by the user. I also propose that there is a button which allows the user to switch between the raw misc data entry (i.e., a textarea) and the form-based entry.

  2. Robert Jäschke

    What a great work. I am really impressed!

    I have the following suggestions for improvement:

    1. the message for the button to add misc fields seems missing in the test system
    2. the buttons to remove a misc field should use the standard symbol to remove items in BibSonomy
    3. it would be great if the input fields for the field names of the misc field could be aligned the same way as the regular field names, that is: be in the same column with a right-aligned text. (then: please also reduce their size such that they fit nicely and we would have the whole width of the line for the content of the field. )
    4. it is possible to enter a complete mess. This is ok when the user edits the misc field directly ("expert mode"). But for the new edit feature we must avoid that. Therefore, please ensure that keys are valid (contain only the characters a-z) and values, too (do not contain {}"").
    5. If my user settings are set to "advanced" I would like to see the "expert view" at all times.
    6. Important: All fields that contain values should always be shown, irrespective of the "show required fields only"/"show all fields" link at the "detailed information" heading. For the misc fields I would suggest that, as soon as the (one) misc field contains a value, the complete dialogue should be shown.
    7. The "expert view" toggle affects several fields and it is not clear, which ones. I think users will not understand, what's happening. My suggestion would be to enable this only for users which have the "advanced" mode enabled in their settings and then somehow highlight the fields that are affected.
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