Don't unselect groups when updating publication

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Issue #2625 open
Martin Becker created an issue

When updating a publication and I select an additional group to add it to, all other groups are unselected. This should not happen!

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  1. Robert Jäschke

    Do you mean the group for "post visibility"? At the moment it is not possible to select more than one group for that.

  2. Robert Jäschke

    I see. Did you press CTRL while selecting the new group? If I understand it correctly, this is the default behavior of a multi-select box in HTML: to select several items, you have to press CTRL. I tried it that way and it worked.

  3. Martin Becker reporter

    No, I did not and, yes it is default behavior, and yes it works when I use CTRL. but this is highly unintuitive and impractical for several reasons:

    a) The window is small so you don't always see all groups, so you have to remember that there other selected groups

    b) If I just update quickly I might simply forget to use CTRL.

    c) I usually never need the "unselect all" feature which this default behavior

    d) I doubt that a normal internet user knows that hitting CTRL will do this ... I know people how don't ... and really how should they learn about it?

    e) The best practice for a user would be to always use CTRL when editing groups to not accidentally unselect all groups ... so why not take this burden from the user?

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