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Issue #2679 open
Daniel Zoller created an issue

On you can earn badges for various interactions with the system (like reading the FAQ, editing the first answer, question, …, see

To motiviate users to interact more with our system please implement a badges system for BibSonomy.

some badge ideas:

  • 100 posts tagged with myown
  • uses the list of publications on his/her website
  • posted 1000 posts
  • added tags to 10 posts posted at least 1 year ago
  • removed 100 posts (currently rendering a 404)
  • developed BibSonomy/a BibSonomy App (mailed a JabRef Layout, …)
  • posted at least 1 post for x days
  • user is a describers / categorizers
  • send a post to another user
  • reviewed the first publication

Be careful with these badges, don't motivate the users to "spam" the system.

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