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Issue #27 resolved
Sebastian Böttger created an issue

clicking on the sort criterion and order in the gear popup

  • does not keep the sort criterion url parameter when changing the order or vice versa
  • does not give the items in correct order, even when using the "correct" url (bookmarks are not ordered by date on the myBibSonomy page)

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  1. Robert Jäschke

    I tried to reproduce the problem:

    1. Go to http://www.bibsonomy.org/user/jaeschke/myown
    2. Select title as sort criterion (URL changes to http://www.bibsonomy.org/user/jaeschke/myown?sortPage=title)
    3. Select descending as sort order (URL changes to http://www.bibsonomy.org/user/jaeschke/myown?sortPage=title&sortPageOrder=desc)
    4. Select date as sort criterion (URL changes to http://www.bibsonomy.org/user/jaeschke/myown?sortPage=date&sortPageOrder=desc)

    So I could not reproduce the first problem. I also checked my bookmarks and they seem to be sorted correctly.

    Could you please describe the issue more verbosely such that we can trace it?

  2. Thomas Niebler

    I can reproduce that exact problem described by Sebastian when looking at the front page (http://www.bibsonomy.org).

  3. Robert Jäschke

    The front page can not be sorted (it doesn't really make sense), thus (at least for that page) the bug description should be changed to: disable sorting options in GUI for front page.

  4. Thomas Niebler

    The issue is now to be resolved in the following way: We add an optional field to the gearwheel-tagx, which (by default) enables or explicitly disables the sorting section in the popup menu.

    The sorting in the API is handled in another issue.

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