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Mario Holtmüller created an issue

If you search for "BibSonomy" for example you get more than 1000 results for bookmarks and publications. [1] If you search for "BibSon" the result set is empty. [2]

The same behaviour can be observed on the genealogy page if you try to search for persons. For example if you search for "Andreas Ho" you get only one result.

This behaviour might be ok if you can use wildcards like "BibSon*", but this is also not working in all searches. [3]


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  1. Andreas Hotho

    I think this is not a bug. It's the usual behavior of a search engine. What you do is a feature request.

  2. Daniel Zoller

    Why are you using /tag/BibSon* (/tag/ is not using the search engine)? /search/BibSon* works as expected.

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