error page after changing post not helpful

Issue #2762 resolved
Robert Jäschke created an issue

I have changed some fields of this post such that its intra hash has changed (from f2ba7a674dd7f23ee437a3311f149693 to 8bf44443a1ffc3ec31125af76c0dd2ac). After editing the post, I was redirected to the URL I came from - the page for the post with its old intra hash. This page is not very helpful, since it does not show any error message:


Since the post did no longer exist with that hash, it should show that the post does not exist. I also think we had implemented an alternative, where I am redirected to the latest version of the post using the post history. (I remember we had implemented this, I am not sure whether for the API or for the web interface.) So it might also be the case, that the latter functionality is broken.

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