bibtex import batch edit page needs to be improved

Issue #2778 open
Robert Jäschke
created an issue

If users import a larger file with many entries, the pages becomes unusable, in particular, when there are many errors. This is an example that shows the problem:


  1. The width of the entries needs to be limited, to avoid having a page so wide that it is unusable.
  2. It would be helpful to have different colors for different errors or to group the errors, since some errors could be ignored (e.g., duplicate posts).
  3. Similarly, it would be good to get an overview at the top about which errors occurred how frequently.
  4. It would also be good to get some advice on what to do. This could be error-specific (e.g., "add an author or editor to the post or you can not import it") and general ("you can repair the errors in the file and upload the file again").
  5. I suggest to make the "edit before" import option obligatory (effectively removing the option) and call the new page "preview" which a user can either accept or decline.

Overall, I suggest to improve the whole process and make it more user-friendly.