biblatex standard entry type "collection" missing in Bibsonomy

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Issue #2824 resolved
Oliver Vogels created an issue

I am using biblatex along with biber and its great crossref function that allows to get missing values for inbook from book, inproceedings from proceedings and incollection from collection.

While the "old" bibtex connected incollection with book, biblatex, which is now "state of the art" introduced the entry type "collection" because using a book type with author editor is not allowed (

But using crossrefing incollection -> collection is not possible because "collection" ist not available in the list of entry types in Bibsonomy. If I fallback to crossref incollection -> book, crossrefing fails in biblatex and values (e.g. booktitle) are not displayed because of the entry type mismatch.

Since "collection" is a standard entry type in biblatex, is there an option to add that value in the list of Bibsonomy's entry types?

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