Error while Importing Publication

Issue #2875 wontfix
Daniel Zoller created an issue

if you import a BibTeX file with the following content:

address = {GBI-GENIOS Deutsche Wirtschaftsdatenbank GmbH,2011/03/10.},
author = {Göbel, Ruth},
issn = {0930-3693},
keywords = {Datenbank / Innovation / Technologie},
note = {EDS:edswis:edswis.BLISFC97C30D0F304FA8A90BA21072083BD4; Sprachen: German;Language: German; Rights: Alle Dokumente genießen nach § 4 und § 87 a ffUrhG urheberrechtlichen Schutz. Eine Bearbeitung oder Vervielfältigungist nicht zulässig.},
number = {3},
title = {Das neue GENIOS 2011},
type = {misc},
year = {2011-03-10},

Global errors with parsing errors are shown, but the post is saved without problem. Please check!

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  1. Tom Völker

    The bug could not be replicated. With the version currently deployed on, importing the BibTeX file (and posting via the BibTeX tag) works fine and does not show any global errors.

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