Request: owl:sameAs Statements Linking Bibsonomy Items to their DBLP Entries

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Reported by tomheath: The FU Berlin has published a version of DBLP that does HTTP303 redirects and Content Negotiation on the URIs of papers:

So for example, a paper may have the URI: on this site, which is the same publication as that described in the HTML page:

If Bibsonomy did HTTP303 redirects on URIs such as: (as discussed in item 338) then we could say that: owl:sameAs

I understand that Bibsonomy retains the mapping of Bibsonomy hash identifiers to DBLP identifiers, in which case making these mappings automatically should be trivial. If these owl:sameAs statements could be automatically included in the RDF descriptions of items on Bibsonomy, such as: that would be very very cool.

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