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  • 2021-11-26


  • update header message for extended search

  • basic setup for group explore page

  • init aja controllers for explore page

  • simple toggle buttons for filters to click, metadata for all posts for entrytype and year in elasticsearch

  • renaming

  • more renaming

  • generating filter list (needs lots of fixes for the query pass)

  • added messages for de and ru

  • added year, month, day, crossref, annote to the fields printed on the goldstandard site

  • update filter buttons, build filter query, progress for ajax

  • changing nav-pills to nav-tabs again

  • basic reseting of pagination when selecting filters or search input

  • layout updates, bucket size testing for filters

  • speed up for community index generation

    (not nice but the db is so slow)

  • fixing counts query

  • use normal layout and not scrollpagination, added data attribute for filters, layout updates for explore page, added group explore properties for config

  • added navigation for explore

  • loading custom tags, added loading animation, ajax count for updated search, layout updates

  • load filter lists from puma_resources, added filter function to input

  • fix filter button init, fix css for alternating colors

  • layout updates, refactored css classes

  • function for pagination buttons, updating counters, overflow text, updated messages

  • cleanup

  • show more years function, refactoring

  • enable sorting on explore

  • fix count updating

  • updated messages, added icons to filtering

  • new loading animation

  • no underline in sidebar

  • commenting and cleanup


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