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hg commit -m 'Merged in fix-2797 (pull request #84)'
  1. Robert Jäschke
  • Starting 'fix-2797' branch
  • disabled PNAS Scraper, is now handled by HighwireScraper
  • added hints on how to run remote tests
  • fixed and extended HighwireScraper; added tests
  • starting to remove legacy code
  • fixed INgentaconnext scraper
  • disabled PNAS Scraper, is now handled by HighwireScraper
  • disabled web of knowledge scraper - site does no longer exist
  • InformaWorld disabled - acquired by Taylor and Francis?
  • fixed SSRN scraper
  • fixed LiebertScraper (and removed non-functional cited-by extraction code)
  • refactored SSRNScraper
  • Starting 'bibsonomy_hube' branch
  • updated AappublicationsScraper
  • fixed ACS Scraper
  • refactored SSRNScraper
  • ensured that releaseConnection() is always called on http methods (required for proper multithreading)
  • refactored SSRNScraper
  • fixed IEEEXploreBookScraper
  • migrated OSAScraper
  • migrated BioOneScraper
  • fixed and refactored APHA scraper, added test case for HighwireScraper and Disabled AhaJournalsScraper (now handled by Highwire)
  • migrated
  • BioMedCentral cleaned up and fixed
  • fixed CatinistScraper
  • removed dependency to legacy method
  • migrated & fixed ProjectEuclidScraper
  • fixed and migrated NowPublishers
  • deleted (now) unused methods to remove legacy code not using Apache Commons HttpClient
  • migrated test data for APA scraper
  • removed dependency on XML parsing; uses regex now
  • merged two scrapers dealing with the same site
  • migrated another scraper away from using URLConnection
  • removed unused scraper and (slightly) cleaned up two other scrapers
  • removed scraper for no longer existing journal
  • moved LiebertScraper to LiteratumScraper, as it supports several sites running the Literatum software now.
  • removed unecessary toString() calls
  • Consolidated scrapers to avoid toString() calls on URL
  • added JavaDoc
  • removed unused logger
  • fixes #2812
  • added "final"
  • refactored scrapers for sites using Literatum to extend the LiteratumScraper, fixes issue #2815
  • aligned pattern
  • added missing test annotations to avoid running remote testsFixing s

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