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Firefox provides three options to develop addons (Javascript, and proprietary XML for anything else):

  • traditional, requires restart;
  • bootstrapped, no restart required;
  • within the cloud and JetPack, respectively, possibly bootstrapped, quite over-charged.

One may develop addons very flexibly.

Code-Verification and Messages

  • saveUri: Messages may be a permanent hint (a bug?); 7 parameters are applied, where the seventh is the required type nsiLoadContext. Though as done as claimed in the documentation, the message appears, however.

  • scriptLoad:

    1. Parameters are constant,
    2. there are no further options to bind a extern script, and
    3. message is redundant, since XSS is not supported anymore. See:!msg/
  • setting oncommand using setAttribute: may be ignored; this is a dynamically assignment to oncommand, this is

    1. a statically assignemnt,
    2. due to the handler's concept, this is required, as oncommand is applied by system-wide shortcuts first. So, there is no further possibility to set shortcuts.

Verifications' Do-it-your-self Tests


Addon development is divided:

  1. popup.js: contains the pop-up's script, active only as long as the pop-up is open.
  2. popup.html: contains the pop-up's UI.
  3. background.js: the script that runs in the background.
  4. content.js: a script to be injected into a running document.


Microsoft only supports the development of add-ons using C# or C++, respectively, through so-called Browser Helper Objects (status-quo of IE9) -- a typical DLL containing SHDocVw-Binding for C++ and C#.

Referer Problem

After saving a publication or bookmark, the script does not return to the prior location. This is because JavaScript does not send a referer within the HTTP header. To solve in-system, apply the GET parameter 'referer'.