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2.0.12 (dbe)

date: 2011/02/23


neu & sichtbar

  • added order parameter to getTags-queries via API
    • works, but only alph / frequency (added, popular and folkrank not available)
  • created-date remains unchanged when updating a post
    • change_date not changed when only editing tags
  • setzen von myown-häkchen automatisch
  • handling of changed/deleted posts from API (with redirects) now also available via "normal" webinterface
    • did not work for me. check!
  • ajax-based fileupload

''' neu & internal '''

  • download limit of 1 MB (e.g. when fetching page contents during scraping)
  • check if a user is a spammer when trying to create a group
  • autocompletion bei post publication jetzt mit jquery UI
  • ensure that API responses are always written UTF8-encoded


  • doppeltes holen von tags auf /relatedtags/user/dbenz
  • bugfix in sidebar-resizer-javascript
  • own password is not rendered any longer by getUserDetails-query via API
  • fixed layout of edit tag relations
    • evtl. kleinej Javascript-Schnipsel (siehe suche) einfügen, der default-Werte der input-Felder (supertag/subtag) bei klick löscht
  • fixed ordering of tagtag relations
    1. 1342: wrong handling of start-/end values in getUser-queries via API
  • Fixed username validators for *ID-Registration.
  • proper JSON quoting for scrapingservice (relevant for Firefox plugin)
  • DOICleaner
  • fixed layout of similar resources
    • probably works, but we don't get similar resources from PIA currently :(

''' puma '''

    • EditPublication
    • BibtexDetails

''' scraper '''