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2.0.13 (dbe)

date: 2011/03/30

  • neu & sichtbar
    • inline display of error messages during file upload (instead of popup)
    • added "copy" link to bookmark RSS feed content, when user is logged in (for convenience)
    • hiding of system tags
    • Delicious Importer für Yahoo!
  • neu & internal
    • javascript-schnipsel für system-meldungen
    • removed references to external .js libraries
    • added getQueryforMap to Ibatis
    • fixed jabref layout bugs -> removed "nested fields not implemented" error on server startup
  • repariert
    • fixed & completed several localized messages
    • fixed fileupload bug in IE
    • allowed .htm as extension when importing firefox bookmarks
    • sub-tags of relations are also displayed ordered alphabetically
    • more appropriate error messages when trying to activate a user while being logged in
    • author links are now latex-cleaned
    • +correct links for help pages in help "button" (question mark symbol)
    • getBookmarkViewable
    • passwordReminder für gelöschte User deaktiviert
    • fixed invalid RSS feeds (XML control characters are now escaped)
  • puma
    • new colors for sidebar
    • new image for internalal login
  • scraper
    • AIFB
    • Worldcat
    • PNAS
    • ScienceMag
    • BMJ
  • open issues
    • i18n messages bei fileUploadError in jquery.documentuploader

Necessary Changes

  • drop table extended_fields_map

drop extended_fields_map

  • changed table_extended_fields_data

CREATE TABLE `extended_fields_data` (\ `key` varchar(255) NOT NULL,\ `value` text NOT NULL,\ `content_id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,\ `date_of_create` datetime NOT NULL,\ `date_of_last_mod` timestamp NOT NULL default CURRENT_TIMESTAMP on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,\ ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8

  • added credentials for yahoo! delicious to

org.bibsonomy.importer.bookmark.service.DeliciousSignPostManager.consumerKey =\ org.bibsonomy.importer.bookmark.service.DeliciousSignPostManager.consumerSecret =

  • added path for classification to (empty in BibSonomy/BibLicious, set in Puma)

classifications.path =