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2.0.14 (dbe)

date: 2011/04/27

  • neu & sichtbar
    • speed up page loading by gzip compression & merging of css files & minimizing content of .js files & caching of resources
    • content negotiation using accept header
    • bibsonomy mobile
  • neu & internal
      • resourcetype for extended fields in logic interface
    • removed some inline css definitions (into css file)
  • repariert
    • reworked & fixed display of latex macros (like "a, \"a etc)
    • refactored PublicationClassificationController
    • make sure rest-client queries produce utf-8 encoded xml
    • removed mentionings of from jabref layout filters
    • fixed system message for IE
    • remember me for quick login
  • puma
    • fixed URLs in jabref layout filters
    • openaccess: metadata for phdthesis fixed
    • changed location of sword.classifications.path config
    • redirect to publication details page after creating a post and adding "myown" to it
  • scraper
    • Amazon
    • journalogy (microsoft academic search)
  • open issues
    • submit post publication form when only sys:relevantfor:kde tag is present

Necessary Changes


Neue Werte in der Ggf. anpassen (PUMA?)

project.bean.captcha = reCaptcha
auth.ldap.authenticator = simpleLdapBindAuthenticator
auth.ldap.userSearchBase = 
auth.ldap.userSearchFilter =
auth.ldap.ldapIdIsUsername =

GeƤnderte Werte

wurde zu 


el-api.jar nach common/lib kopieren (aus der DEV-Mailingliste) oder Upgrade zu Tomcat 6