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This is a simple addon that shows your class resources in a combo point manner with a runic Diablo III theme. Currently no configuration, though it has built-in seamless support for DiabolicUI's action bar changes. It supports both WoW client patch 7.3.5 and the 8.0.1 beta realms.


  • Only visible when you have a target selected
  • Points not available or currently regenerated are semi-transparent
  • Everything is even more semi-transparent when not engaged in combat

Supported class resources

  • Combo Points (Druids, Rogues, Vehicles)
  • Arcane Charges (Arcane Mages)
  • Holy Power (Retribution Paladins)
  • Soul Shards (Warlocks)
  • Chi (Windwalker Monk)
  • Stagger (Brewmaster Monk)
  • Runes (Death Knights)

Planned but unreleased features

  • Movable (Coming in the very near future!)
  • Scalable (Coming a bit later, yet before BfA!)

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Bug reports and feature suggestions are all done through BitBucket's Issue tracker linked below. Remember to check both the wiki pages and existing tickets before submitting any reports, as chances are your question has already been answered.

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