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-# jsTimezoneDetect (jstz)
 ## Introduction
 This is a small unintrusive JavaScript library that helps with detecting the [IANA zone info key][1] representing the time zone of a browser client.
 ## Example Use
-Include `jstz.min.js` in your HTML document. 
+There is a [minified version in the repo][3] called `jstz.min.js`. Include it in your HTML document.
 Invoke the script by calling
 There is an updated demo running on: [http://pellepim.bitbucket.org/jstz/][2].
 [1]: http://www.iana.org/time-zones
-[2]: http://pellepim.bitbucket.org/jstz/
+[2]: http://pellepim.bitbucket.org/jstz/
+[3]: https://bitbucket.org/pellepim/jstimezonedetect/src