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Add a search icon to the top-right hand search bar.

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     {{, id='moin-searchform', method='get', action=url_for('')) }}
             {{ gen.input(search_form['q'], type='search', id='moin-search-query', size='40') }}
-            {{ gen.input(search_form['submit'], type='submit', id='moin-search-submit') }}
+            {{ gen.button(search_form['submit'], type='submit', id='moin-search-submit') }}
             {{ forms.render_errors(search_form) }}
     {{ gen.form.close() }}


 #moin-searchform input { font-size: 100%; vertical-align: middle;
             background-color: #F3F7FD; /* same as body bg col */
             border: 1px solid #A4B9DF; }
-#moin-searchform #moin-search-submit { display: none; }
+#moin-searchform #moin-search-submit { text-indent: -9000%; margin-left: -2em; width: 1.5em; height: 1.2em; background: url(../img/moin-search.png) center center no-repeat; background-size: 1.2em 1.2em; border: none; overflow: hidden; vertical-align: middle; cursor: pointer; }
 #moin-searchform div { margin: 0; }
 #moin-searchform ul { border: 1px solid #A4B9DF; margin: 0; padding: 0; background-color: #F3F7FD; }
 #moin-searchform li { list-style:none; }
 /* moin-extended searchform */
 #moin-long-searchform { padding: 0; font-size: 0.82em; text-align: left; }
 #moin-long-searchform div { margin: 0; }
-#moin-search-query { width: 50%; }
+#moin-search-query { width: 50%; padding-right: 1.6em}
 /* moin-header moin-logo -- logos may be text only */
 #moin-logo { float: left; margin: 5px 10px; padding: 0; font-size: 1.4em; line-height: 1em; font-weight: bold; }
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