Shitiz Garg  committed a4ce283

Text::_render_data_diff should return unicode in keeping it consistent with _render_data_diff_atom

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File MoinMoin/items/

         return self._get_data_diff_html(oldrev, newrev, 'diff_text_atom.html')
     def _render_data_diff(self, oldrev, newrev):
-        return Markup(self._get_data_diff_html(oldrev, newrev, 'diff_text.html'))
+        return self._get_data_diff_html(oldrev, newrev, 'diff_text.html')
     def _render_data_diff_text(self, oldrev, newrev):
         from MoinMoin.util import diff_text

File MoinMoin/items/_tests/

         item1 = Binary.create(item_name)
             from PIL import Image as PILImage
-            result = TransformableBitmapImage._render_data_diff(item1, item.rev, item1.rev)
+            result = Markup(TransformableBitmapImage._render_data_diff(item1, item.rev, item1.rev))
             # On Werkzeug 0.8.2+, urls with '+' are automatically encoded to '%2B'
             # The assert statement works with both older and newer versions of Werkzeug
             # Probably not an intentional change on the werkzeug side, see issue:

File MoinMoin/templates/diff.html

 <h1>{{ _("Diff for '%(item_name)s'", }}</h1>
 {% endblock %}
-{{ item._render_data_diff(oldrev, newrev) }}
+{{ Markup(item._render_data_diff(oldrev, newrev)) }}
 {% endblock %}