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Improve comment above assert line, and remove the Titanic-like verses from the assert statement that made it unsinkable :)

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File MoinMoin/items/_tests/

             from PIL import Image as PILImage
             result = TransformableBitmapImage._render_data_diff(item1, item.rev, item1.rev)
             # On Werkzeug 0.8.2+, urls with '+' are automatically encoded to '%2B'
-            assert [str(result).startswith('<img src="/+diffraw/image_Item?rev'),
+            # The assert statement works with both older and newer versions of Werkzeug
+            # Probably not an intentional change on the werkzeug side, see issue:
+            #
+            assert True in [str(result).startswith('<img src="/+diffraw/image_Item?rev'),
                     str(result).startswith('<img src="/%2Bdiffraw/image_Item?rev')]
         except ImportError:
             # no PIL